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UnWordy Pitch Decks

Pitch decks to enable your startup journey.                Investor Approved.

Featured Projects (*names changed)

You have a concept to change the world, or at least your local area.  You're ready, but some resources are lacking.


You know you need a killer pitch deck  and some help with how to present and yet... You're still trying to sort through 36 brilliantly technically accurate slides. 


We can help. 

Sure we work with slide design tools like Visme to make it look good, but it's all about the message you need to convey. 

Priorities in order:

The right message > the right information to convey that message > the right words to convey that information > the right design. 

Getting the message right

A concept for a company based on a new device for medical imaging led by a team of four scientists, PhD students and medical doctors.


With one of the founders having previously sold a company at over $100 Million, this new team were keen to get started again from scratch. 

Unwordy were presented with 15 technically accurate, detailed and scientifically ingenious slides, which were not suitable for use as a pitch deck. 

After one 1.5 hour discussion enough information was collected to produce a shiny new pitch deck that presented well to the investors they went on to approach.



We created a deck that told a clear story of what this business can do.

This provided the basic tool for their seed round  to be successful. 


    The founders of this adventure sports communication device business are on the way to a fully working prototype.


    The three co-founders come from a software development background and wanted to take their love for outdoor sports into their professional lives. 

    Starting with a complex deck that was not suited to pitching for investment, UnWordy transformed their concept into an award winning story, guidance on the pitch presentation and a slide deck that was clear. 

    They went on to win a national pitch competition (Q1, 2022) for innovation, and tens of thousands of pounds in investment so far.



    We created a clear story with 10 neat slides to tell investors what they need to know about this new technology and business, leading to pitch awards, grants and investment. 

    When our client D Engineering approached us, they had been running the solar engineering company as a small business for three years. They wanted to scale up to be able to cater to bigger projects. 

    They had spoken to a few interested investors who asked for a pitch deck. 

    With UnWordy's help they achieved a good deal with their investors, and the company now regularly works on some of the most significant projects in their region. 

    UnWordy created a pitch deck to ensure the interested investors knew that they were the right engineering company to invest in, and they did. 

    D Engineering had no pitch deck 

    If you feel you are starting on a journey to bringing your passion project to reality - and one of the challenges you have to pass through soon is presenting to investors

    - be in touch.

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