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UnWordy Pitch Decks


Too Many Slides

If you have more than 15 slides you have too many. Typically a pitch deck should be done in 10 slides, 12 at most, no matter how advanced the concepts. 

When you are so into your project it can be difficult to see the woods from the trees, an outside review can make this a lot easier. 

Technical Complexity

Make sure that someone who does not know your area of expertise can understand all or most of what you present. Test your pitch on people other than your co-founders and mentors. Make sure it is simple.

We don't know your project like you do - so we can help make sure it's clear. 

Full Slides

Do not load up your slides with "heavy content". 

You probably know this, but over and over again people make this mistake.  The key is to find what is most important.  Make it UnWordy. 

A good pitch  takes the receiver on a journey, from the world as we know it today to a new one

in which your idea is reality.  

We can make sure that world is a better one. Both in how you come across and in checking details to ensure it really is.



Before you deliver your pitch deck to an investor, run through it.

Maybe you only need to do that a couple of times, maybe many more - make sure you know your stuff. 

We can support and test you on that.


If you'd like help in preparing your pitch deck

- be in touch. 

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